Julie Olmsted

Julie Olmsted


Staff Attorney, Cancer Legal Care

Julie Olmsted is the staff attorney at Cancer Legal Care, a Minnesota-based nonprofit that helps patients, survivors, and caregivers in Minnesota with their cancer-related legal issues. Cancer Legal Care opened its doors in 2007, and in its first 10 years, its staff and volunteer attorneys have provided $8,400,000 in free legal care to over 2,700 clients. It is the only organization of its kind in the upper Midwest.

Julie’s legal path came into sharp focus when her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007. Julie witnessed the enormity of the diagnosis and its impact not only on her mom’s health but on all facets of her life. Since then, Julie has made it her practice to do meaningful work with clients in difficult situations, and to make the law more authentic and accessible.

Minnesota Women’s Press named her Favorite Estate Planner in 2018, Favorite Woman Estate Planner in 2017, and Favorite Female Attorney in 2015. She has delivered presentations on cancer and its related legal issues to support groups and conferences at local and national levels.