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Attending the YSC Virtual Symposium

Who attends the YSC Virtual Symposium?
Are you interested in pursuing your individual resiliency and well-being, and building community after breast cancer? The YSC Virtual Symposium features a series of workshops and meetups throughout the week of November 11 focused on these topics—specifically for young adults who were diagnosed with breast cancer before their 41st birthday. Co-survivors also are encouraged to join, and we have special content for them.
I attended the YSC Summit already. Why should I register for this?

YSC is committed to creating programs to meet the different needs of young adults after they are diagnosed with breast cancer. While the YSC Summit is a three-day event that welcomes almost 600 attendees, the YSC Virtual Symposium offers an opportunity to learn and connect with others who are just like you from the comfort of your own home!

The focus of the YSC Virtual Symposium is also very specific, in that it explores a much more personal side to your own journey after a breast cancer diagnosis, and it will give you the resources to rejuvenate and plan the most fulfilling life for YOU.

Who is a co-survivor?

Co-survivors, often called “caregivers,” are those individuals who provide close support to a young adult during their breast cancer experience. These can include spouses, partners, significant others, parents, siblings and friends.

What time does the YSC Virtual Symposium begin and end?

The YSC Virtual Symposium workshops and meetups will be offered from November 11-16, 2019. Check the schedule for a more detailed breakdown of timing and when the different workshops and meetups will take place.

How much does it cost to attend?
It is free to attend the YSC Virtual Symposium!
How do I attend the YSC Virtual Symposium workshops and meetups?

Once registered, we will send you an email with instructions and passwords to attend each session and meetup. For more tech-related information, please visit our “Get Set Up” page.

I am having issues with getting connected.
Our “Get Set Up” page provides helpful instructions to get you set up before the Virtual Symposium and troubleshooting tips for common issues you may face.

The Agenda

View a full breakdown of all of the great workshops and meetups taking place throughout the YSC Virtual Symposium.


What can I expect at the YSC Virtual Symposium?

The YSC Virtual Symposium is designed to be a week filled with workshops and meetups that focuses on you, your co-survivor and exploring your best life after a breast cancer diagnosis. We’ve included topics that speak to the specific experiences of young adults affected by breast cancer including resiliency and well-being, intimacy and practical matters. We’ve also created opportunities for you to connect with others just like you by phase or community.

What can my co-survivor expect at the YSC Virtual Symposium?
Co-survivors are an important part of the YSC community, just as they have been an important part of your breast cancer journey. At the YSC Virtual Symposium, we are offering a workshop just for co-survivors that will focus on their unique issues and questions, and a special meetup for co-survivors so they feel connected and supported.
I am a young adult living with metastatic breast cancer. Are there workshops or meetups that will be of interest to me?
Yes. The workshops are designed to provide young adults with information for any stage of diagnosis; it’s all about what life looks like now—no matter where you are in your journey. Additionally, we will be offering a special meetup for young adults living with metastatic breast cancer
Does it matter if I am newly diagnosed, post-treatment or a long-term survivor (five or more years out of treatment)?

Nope! The YSC Virtual Symposium format is meant to delve into how your breast cancer diagnosis impacted you and how it has shaped you today. We hope that many of the workshops and meetups will provide you with the tools to create your best life now and throughout any phase of your experience.


I’m interested in becoming a sponsor. Where can I find more information?
Thank you! We are so grateful for the generosity of our sponsors. Please visit the sponsor page for more information.