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Session Descriptions

At the Symposium, you will have a chance to learn, connect and share in many different ways. After attending the morning YSC Talks, which explore these broader topics in a brief, engaging way, you’ll be able to choose the breakout sessions that most interest you. The sessions, YSC Works, are meant to deep dive in a more comprehensive, intimate way.

YSC Works Session I - 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Practical Matters: Financial Questions After Cancer
After the emotional and physical impact of a breast cancer diagnosis, financial decisions and major issues such as insurance coverage and healthcare can be challenging. This session gives you an overview of the complex financial questions you and your family may face, as well as a list of resources for navigating your way to solutions and information on how to access disability or other benefits.

Relationships and Intimacy: Rebuilding Your Intimacy
Join this session to learn concrete tips for dealing with sex and intimacy after breast cancer. Discover how an open mind, strong communication skills and a little bit of creativity can help you rebuild and sustain this important part of your life.

Resilience: Nourishing Your Body
Healthy eating sometimes feels overwhelming. How do you know what foods are right for you, and how do you still eat your favorite comfort foods? Connect the dots with healthy choice ideas in this workshop and better understand how to enjoy good nutrition in your everyday life.

Co-Survivors: What Does it Mean to be a Co-Survivor?
Your loved one has breast cancer, and you want to know how you can help. Be prepared to experience some strong emotions. Co-survivors can feel sad, alone, even overwhelmed. But, you can also experience tremendous rewards, discovering a sense of unity, common purpose and deeper connection with the one you love. Learn what to expect of yourself and others during this time, and discuss how you can cope and offer support at the same time.

YSC Works Session II - 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.

Practical Matters: Navigating the Healthcare Maze
A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment brings up a lot of questions. You may be wondering where to find answers to your medical and treatment questions, how to ask the right questions about your insurance, or what support services are available to you and your loved ones. Come with your questions, and get the resources you need to take control of your healthcare. 

Relationships and Intimacy: Your Body Now
You’re not the only one looking in the mirror and trying to understand what has happened to your body since your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Coming to terms with your new normal can be especially challenging as you face unexpected changes in your life and your body. Join this session for a chance to discuss how to see and embrace the strength and beauty of your body now and into the future.

Resilience: Healing and Coping through Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation has long been used to enhance moment to moment experiences and increase self-awareness. This is especially important after an upheaval like a breast cancer diagnosis. You will be guided through mindfulness exercises and receive helpful tools you can use to integrate these practices into your daily life.

Co-Survivors (Men Only): Open Session
Just for the guys! Hang out in this men-only discussion group, and talk about how to support your loved one after a breast cancer diagnosis. The experience can be hard on you, too. Come talk to other co-survivors in an informal, relaxed environment.